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We Are Here to Help You… Get Clean Carpet!

Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs, Monument, Larkspur
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Best Carpet Cleaning CompanyI get it… you have fancy cleaning technology, but how are your employees? 

Our highly trained cleaning technicians are IICRC certified. We send all of our technicians to school so they understand the science of carpet cleaning. Many other companies try to train on the job, with no formal education or certification. Angie’s spends the time and money to make sure our cleaners are better trained than our competitors.
They are trained to do extra drying passes to ensure that carpets dry quickly. Our technicians will also use corner guards to protect your walls from being damaged by hoses. Angie’s employees are paid well and do not have to rely solely on commission. While we will make suggestions, you can be assured that there will be no high pressure sales tactics.

clean-upholstery-and-tileThat’s good to hear. Do you offer any other services?

We’re glad you asked. We have many services available. We can give your ceramic tile flooring a new and shiny look, and we also specialize in upholstery cleaning and fine area rug cleaning. If your pets have made a mess, we can get out the stains and odor with our 3-step pet urine stain and odor removal process.
Did the kids spill juice on the floor? Was the Sippy Cup really a Drippy cup? We can also remove red juice stains. If your business has Vinyl Composite tile (VCT) we can strip and refinish it, giving you a nice shine to impress your workers and customers. Give us a call if you have any questions.