Bleach on Carpet Repair

Repairing bleach on carpet is a difficult and time consuming process that takes care and skill. Bleach does not add a new color to the carpet but instead completely strips away the existing color. This means that you cannot remove the bleach because there is nothing to remove, the color is just gone. This makes repairing the carpet difficult to do, but as the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs, Angie’s Carpet Care provides carpet cleaning experts who know how to take the proper care to fix your carpet.

How Angie’s Carpet Care Can Help With Bleached Carpet

Because bleach has stripped away the color of your original carpet, there is no way to remove the bleach and get the color back. Instead, our carpet cleaning experts know how to effectively dye the bleached area back to its original color.

The first thing that needs to be done would be to neutralize the bleach. If the bleach is not neutralized, then anything that is added to the spot will continue to dissolve. The new dye will not be able to stick. Once the bleach is neutralized, we will do our best to color match the original color of your carpet and dye it into the bleached area. Our liquid dyes work better than other types because it dries faster and does not leak or transfer into the other parts of the carpet. It is important to let one of our professionals perform this because we have the tools to effectively neutralize the bleach and dye the spot to its correct color.

The process of dyeing the bleached area of your carpet is great to do for a few different reasons. If the spot is in the middle of your carpet it is easier to just go ahead and dye the spot where the bleach is. It is also good to use for carpets that have some sort of pattern, so you don’t have to find the correct pattern and patch it in. It is also good for larger commercial buildings for a quick fix. If we find that dyeing the area will not be effective, we have other types of carpet repair services that may work for your carpet.  

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Why You Shouldn’t Fix the Bleach Yourself  

Trying to fix the bleach stain on your carpet may end up making more of an issue than what you had before. One thing you should never do is take a towel with water and scrub the area. The fibers of the carpet are damaged and delicate which means that scrubbing can rip them out of the ground.

Do not try to color or paint the bleached area of the carpet. It will not stick to the carpet like it should and will not look the way you want it to. Painting or coloring in the bleached part won’t work effectively because you will never be able to get the same color that matches the rest of the carpet.

Everything you do to try and fix the situation will be trial and error. This means that every new method or home remedy you try may make the situation worse. Trying these methods may cause the bleach stain to get worse and will start to become more expensive than you originally anticipated. Because of this, you should always investigate hiring a professional to fix the bleach stain.

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Our expert carpet technicians understand how frustrating a bleach stain can be. And while fixing the issue yourself may seem like the cheaper option, it has the high potential of damaging your carpet further. We will take the expert care to make sure that the bleach is taken care of and the color is correctly matched. Carpet is notorious for taking a lot of spills and stains, so we recommend also thinking about having us apply stain guard to your carpet to prevent other types of messes you may have. We can assist those located in the Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Larkspur areas and will make sure that one of our carpet cleaning experts are ready to repair your bleached carpet. Contact us and we will come, evaluate the damage, and take care of the rest!

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