Carpet Repair and Stretching

A carpet can be damaged in a lot of different ways: burns, tears, pets, spills, and more. At Angie’s Carpet Care, we know exactly how to fix all of these carpet cleaning issues and give all of those in Colorado Springs, Larkspur, Monument and the surrounding areas a few different options to do so. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians are extensively trained to be able to repair any damage that has seen your carpet or stretch your carpet if needed. We also specialize in tile cleaning in case you have other forms of flooring in your home. We want to make sure that our clients in the Colorado Springs area know they have technicians they can trust and a company who has their best interest in mind.

Family Home Carpet Repair

Repairing Damaged Carpet

There are a lot of ways a carpet can be damaged like bleaching out the color, but regardless of what happened, we know how to repair it. Firstly, we will cut out the section of the carpet that is damaged. To fill in the damaged space, we will take a section of a spare carpet, or borrow some carpet from a closet in your home. This way, the repaired section of the carpet is the same color and texture as the rest of the flooring.

In order to keep the new patch attached to the ground, we need to use a bonding material. The bonded insert that we use is a permanent fix so you won’t have to worry about the patch coming off. We use a seaming iron called a Kool- Glide Radio Frequency to secure the patch with the rest of the carpet. Most other companies use a hot glue iron instead which does still work but may cause glue residue to stick to the carpet fibers which is hard to get off. Angie’s Carpet Care is a leading expert in carpet repair because we utilize tools that won’t just be easier for us but will keep your carpet looking new.

Stretching Carpet

You might not have known that stretching carpet is a thing, nor is it even necessary, but in some cases it is. If your carpet is getting older and sees a lot of traffic, it may be becoming more wrinkled. Here, at Angie’s Carpet Care, we have a power stretcher that is used to tighten the carpet and get rid of the wrinkles.

In order to properly use the power stretcher, we will have to remove all the furniture prior to using the device. If we do not do this, then the carpet may begin to rip apart. Once the carpet is stretched, there should be no hazard of anyone tripping over a ripple or wrinkle in the carpet.

Carpet Repair and Stretching | Don’t Let There Be A Wrinkle in Your Home

Angie’s Carpet Care wants to make sure that your carpet is safe for everyone who walks on it. If your carpet is beginning to wrinkle, then it may be time to stretch it out, and if your carpet is damaged, then it may be time to let us patch it up. Using one of our experts will give you the best results because our carpet repair technicians are trained in being able to repair and stretch almost any type of carpet damage. We can repair carpets with holes, burns, tears, ripples, loose seams and much more. You may also want to look into having our experts apply stain guard to your carpet to help alleviate any major stains your carpet could get. Contact Angie’s Carpet Care if you want the carpet experts of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas fixing repairing your carpet.

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