Carpet SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard

At Angie’s Carpet Care, we understand how expensive it can be to buy carpeting for your home or business. Because of this, we offer SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard to apply to your carpet. This solution has a 1-year warranty to protect against spills and stains that may end up on your carpet. We can repair carpet, clean carpet, clean tile, and replace carpet for those in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. When installing your carpet, ask one of our technicians about our SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard and see if it is something you are interested in adding onto your carpet.

Benefits of SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard

Since carpet is synthetic fibers, anything that may be spilled on it seeps into the carpet and causes a lot more damage than you might guess. When using SCOTCHGARD food-based liquids like water, milk, or soda can spill on the carpet and bead together at the top instead of sinking into the carpet. This gives you some time to sop up the liquid before it can penetrate the carpet and create a stain. This will end up saving you a lot more money and maintenance on your carpet.

Another benefit is the fact that SCOTCHGARD can resist dry soil, which makes vacuuming much more effective. Instead of dirt sticking to the fibers and the bottom of the carpet, it can lift off easily. This is because the stain guard protector does not let the dirt stick to the carpet, so you can clean the carpet in a much more efficient manner. What this will do is keep your carpet looking new for longer.

Applying SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard

Before your carpet leaves the factory, it was made in, they can add the SCOTCHGARD protector to keep your carpet stain resistant. This stain guard will eventually wear off over time, so you will need to reapply it to your carpet.

Since carpet is such a tricky flooring to deal with, it is important to get it professionally cleaned at least once every year to 2 years. You can get your carpet professionally cleaned by one of our expert carpet cleaning technicians and we can then apply the SCOTCHGARD. Having your carpet professionally cleaned before reapplying SCOTCHGARD is important because the steam cleaning will help the SCOTCHGARD apply to the carpet.

Carpet SCOTCHGARD Stain Guard | Protect Your Carpet

Replacing an entire carpet is not impossible, but it can become difficult if it happens all the time. By using Angie’s Carpet Care, we can not only install a carpet you will love, but also add SCOTCHGARD to make sure your carpet stays looking new longer. If you already have carpet, then you should investigate using us for your next yearly carpet cleaning and make sure to ask about applying SCOTCHGARD to your carpet. We are the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs and want to make sure that all our clients have a carpet that they can be proud of. Contact Angie’s Carpet Care and we will be more than happy to see if SCOTCHGARD is something you are interested in.

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