Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning

We love our furry friends but sometimes they can cause us more damage than we anticipated. If your animal accidentally goes to the bathroom on your carpet it can potentially cause a lot of issues. You pay a lot of money for your carpet, so you don’t want something as accidental as pet urine to ruin it. At Angie’s Carpet Care, we want to make sure that accidents are taken care of. As the best carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs, we provide pet urine carpet cleaning across El Paso County and Colorado’s Front Range.

What Does Pet Urine Do to Carpets?

Pet urine is an acidic, alkaline substance that can crystallize within your carpet. It forms around the fibers and is very hard to treat. If the stain is left untreated, then the crystals will sit and linger in the house for years. The scent will be much more prominent when it is hotter outside because the humidity will reactivate the urine crystals, while in the winter because the air is dryer, the scent will be nonexistent. Regardless, it is important to get pet urine stains treated right away, and preferably by one of our professional carpet cleaners at Angie’s Carpet Care.

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Process: Pet Urine Removal

The first thing we will do before removing the pet urine is to see how much damage has been done. We will never give you false hope by saying that we can treat pet urine with some sort of substance when it is obvious that the section of the carpet needs to be replaced and vice versa. Our carpet cleaning experts are determined to get the pet urine out of the carpet in the best way possible.

We will use a UV black light throughout the entire carpet to check for any urine spots that might have been forgotten or missed at some point. The UV light will illuminate where the animal urinated and give us a good idea of how big the spot is. This is important because it allows us to not use an unnecessary amount of neutralizing product all over the house but just over the spot that is needed to be cleaned. We use a mixture of buffered peroxides, enzymes and deodorizers. This combination works together to rid the carpet of the crystals in the urine and thus eliminating the smell coming from the spot. It also takes away the yellow color that the urine produced.

You can also think about using our stain guard to protect your carpet. Stain guard only helps with natural liquids, not pet urine, but it is a good investment so the amount of stains in your carpet is minimized.

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning | Let Us Fix Your Pet Urine

There are many products out there that a pet owner can buy in the store to help with urine in their carpet. Removing the pet urine by yourself does not always give you the results you want and if the product has the words “OXY” on the bottle, the product may end up bleaching and ruining your carpet even more. At Angie’s Carpet Care, we recommend that our clients in the Colorado Springs area use one of our professional carpet cleaners to evaluate and take care of the damage. We want to make sure that our clients are met with the best quality pet urine removal they can get. Contact us if you believe you have a pet urine stain that you want to have professionally removed or for any other carpet damage you might have.

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