Red Wine Stain Removal

At Angie’s Carpet Care, we understand how frustrating it is when red wine spills and stains your beautiful carpet, and we want to help. Red wine stain removal is a difficult and delicate process when it comes to carpet and should not be done by yourself. We advise that you use the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs to fix your red wine stain. The less you try to fix the stain, the easier it will be for us to take the stain out. We have trained and certified technicians who are experts in removing all unwanted stains from your carpet and will get the job done for red wine stain removal.


Red Wine Stain Removal: The Process

Our carpet cleaning technicians are skilled in removing synthetic dyes from something as delicate as carpet. We use a red neutralizer to alleviate the red from the carpet. To activate the red neutralizer, we need to heat it up, which we do with a steamer. The heat will turn the stain transparent, making it invisible to the eye without changing the color of your original carpet.

Many other companies use a clothing iron to heat the product and activate its properties. This is dangerous because the chance of damaging the carpet fibers is greater, and it may end up catching the carpet on fire. When the steamer is used, it is significantly safer and makes sure that no other, much more serious and expensive damage, comes to your home.

Red Wine Stain Removal: What To Avoid

Spilling red wine on a carpet is not something people expect to happen, and at Angie’s Carpet Care, we understand that wholeheartedly. But we also know that with an incident like that, people tend to act as quick as possible to fix it themselves. Acting right away can sometimes end up being detrimental to the state of your carpet. Trying to fix the carpet yourself may lead to the carpet needing more attention and money than it would have with only the red stain.

Store cleaners, especially those with the word “OXY” can end up damaging your carpet more than helping it. These cleaners have bleach that may ruin your carpet and cost you more money than you would have had to spend. Even if it removes the stain, it may leave a patch that is much lighter than the rest of the carpet, causing discoloration on your floors. If this happens, Angie’s Carpet Care offers various types of carpet repair services that can assist in these issues if they come up. We recommend calling Angie’s Carpet Care and using one of our trained professional carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs to help your stained carpet to save potential spending you may have to do otherwise.

Red Wine Stain Removal | Contact Angie’s Carpet Care

Red wine stains are difficult to fix and not easy to deal with. Without trying to fix it yourself a professional will make sure to get the job done and done well, especially one of our technicians who are some of the best carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs. Our carpet technicians are certified through the Institution Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They will know exactly what to do when it comes to making sure that your carpet is taken care of and looking the way you want. Our carpet technicians take special care to remove any imperfections that may be plaguing your carpet and have helped many people in Colorado Springs, Larkspur, Monument and Castle Rock. Contact us at Angie’s Carpet Care and we will make sure that your next red wine spill is taken care of by the experts.

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